Input: Input knob is the emulation of the legendary tube-tech mp1A preamplifier, which gives the lovely and creamy tones one can expect, and as an extra when it is cranked, you can see compressor start working .

Tone: Tone knob has the sound character of pultecs , all the way to the left gives the low boost, and if you crank the the tone to the right a desirable high definition can be achieved.

Presence: This knob controls the tone knob, you can fine tune the overall sound.

Compressor Curve: Compressor curve is the most interesting knob on this plugin, the left side is compressing the lows, the right side is compressing the highs, and at the 12 o'clock position it leaves the job to the compressor knob.

Compressor: This knob is simulating characteristics of diode bridge compressors mostly seen on neve 2254's ,you can compress gently or seriously, also you can correlate with the compressor curve knob for radical compression effects.

Output: A true , clean output .

This is SEAC (Super Easy Analog Channel). You can easily achieve the desired sound you are after intuitively.  There aren't any numbers principally, as it  was thought as an easy, practical and most of all an instinctive plugin to use.