Jrv Audio is a company who specialized in high quality analog modeled audio plugins. Some of our plugins are unique in modeling and some are the exact modeling of legendary units. We are excited to introduce revolutionary and delightful audio tools to every music producer . It's easy to download ,simple to use.

Jrv Audio develops proffessional audio plugins for Mac OSx and Windows PC's. We have the best equipments and knowledge for an audio to sound at it's best. As audiophiles, we love the high fidelity of an audio as also we enjoy lo-fi type tracks. That in mind, our expertise in both analogue and digital world gives us how a plugin should sound to provide hi-fi and lo-fi perspectives in a digital domain.

We develop all of our components in different settings to get the most accurate modeling and true signal processing. This high quality comes from our passion and our endless nights of hardwork.

Enjoy our plugins, they are unique audio tools and can't be found anywhere else.

Our goal is to provide three dimensional sounding plugins that one can find only in the analog world. Since software has been step up wisely, we use the latest technology with a secret approach, so people who use our plugins will hear essentially authentic analogue sounds.

We are sure you'll make vibrant tracks using our plugins.

This is JRV Audio. Joy & Rave